Pubic hair

pubic hair1What is the use of pubic hair?

Our pubic hair is a leftover from our ancestors, the hairy cavemen. They needed the hair to keep those places warm that were not covered with clothes. The density and texture of the pubic hair is also greater than the density of normal hair, so it helps containing the warmth in the pubic area better. Moreover, it was, and still is, a sign of physical development and sexual maturity of the body in the adolescence and adult phases. Just like the development of facial hair, armpit hair and chest hair.

In addition to its heat retaining capabilities, it is also contemplated that the pubic hair helps holding the fragrance. Glands in the pubic area are responsible for the release of natural pheromones. The pubic hair traps volatile odor of these pheromone molecules, which when exposed to air, are broken down. It is believed these pheromones help to find a compatible partner of the opposite sex.

Nowadays it is normal to shave or shape your pubic hair. You can prefer your pubic hair like mother nature has given you, or prefer it groomed in any way like shaven, trimmed or completely removed. However pubic hair removal is a common phenomenon nowadays as it is considered more hygienic and tidy by more and more people, not in the least for cosmetic reasons and is getting more and more appreciated, in particular in western countries.

The easiest way is shaving

The easiest way to keep your pubic area tidy, is to groom your pubic hair by shaving or trimming. It may require some skill, but after a few times you’ll get the hang of it.
You can also define various pubic hairstyles by shaving and trimming it into shapes, like a dash or a heart.
Removing your pubic hair by epilation, waxing or hair removal creams are good options too. Over time the hair will grow back, but the results are smooth.
Rather no fuzz at all with your pubic hair? Then you can opt for permanent hair removal like IPL or laser hair removal for your pubic hair.